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Richie Shannon is the pastor and a retired Sergeant for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. This gives him a unique perspective on spiritual living in a physical world. His compassion will be obvious as you listen.

Richie often teaches in-depth series on a certain topic that he feels the Lord would like for us to learn. Many of those series are on their own pages and you can find the links to the mp3 players (also available for download) below.


This 3 part series on BAPTISM is foundational to anyone who wants to serve the Lord.  We ask that before you make a decision to follow Jesus and live for God, please listen to this important series.


ENCOURAGEMENT! Everyone needs it from time to time and the people of faith should know how we can encourage others. This series will help you become that kind of believer.


Forgiveness is a force that can’t be underestimated. It unleashes your own spirit and your own heart to receive from God even as you forgive others. Also, it’s a necessity as outlined by Jesus.


THE BURDEN OF SIN is a heavy heart, a listless life, guilt and even hopelessness. God grants mercy and relief from this soul-killing curse that seems impossible to escape.