It’s always sad for us to lose a member of our church family, but the ones who go on before us aren’t sad at all.  Their work is finished here and it’s time for them to enter into the joy of eternal life.  Our hope and our belief is that we’ll meet them again and have a great reunion.  Here is our wall of fame to remember those who are waiting for us.  Our criteria for this Wall of Fame is simple – the recipients have to have attended regularly for a year or more.


Marilyn Germaine

Marilyn: Miss Marilyn was one of the founding members of the Brandon Christian Fellowship. There couldn’t have been a more faithful, devoted servant of the Lord and our little church. Through every change that swept through the church and her own life, her consistency and kindness shined for everyone to see. A testimony of compassion and a sweetness of spirit worked to the benefit of everyone who came into contact with Miss Marilyn. It is to her legacy that many of her family members still attend the church that she led them to and her creativity, poems, love for the religious theater (she often wrote and staged plays here at church), her songs and her constant optimism was a source of real joy here at BCF. Often you could find her on Tuesday mornings, praying … alone in the sanctuary. Both of her husbands also attended BCF and are remembered here on this tribute page.  

Carol Wicks

Carol: a loving, kind and humble spirit. Never seeking the spotlight, a strong leader, quietly bringing people together with the purpose of fellowship and sharing the gospel of Christ. She often made it her purpose to bless others without recognition or grandeur, joyfully serving her Lord. Her favorite things: praise, worship, reading her Bible, and spending time with her family. A close friend of hers noted, “Carol was not only a dispatcher in her profession, but she often acted as a dispatcher in life; addressing the needs of others, organizing people, and allowing their talents to unfold without the desire for control. It was a true gift, revealing her genuine love for others.” Carol found joy in everything. Small things often seemed to matter the most to her. Her appreciation of the simple was incredibly inspiring and often caused us all to take a second look. Carol was a real spark during her time here at BCF and heaven’s gain is certainly our loss.

Elder Trent Spradling

Brother Trent:  Trent Spradling was one of the founding members of Brandon Christian Fellowship in 1987.  Trent was a successful person in business, family and in ministry. His good humor and gentle nature, tempered with clear convictions was one of the reasons that he led so many to Christ during his life.  He often read the scriptures to the church and was enthusiastic about getting others involved in ministry. Pastor Richie often brings up the many times that Trent would bless an angry driver as he made the sign of Cross in response to any aggression. Trent was a peacemaker in every part of his life. He was a kind adviser and a wise man we greatly miss.

Norma Nerio

Norma Nerio was a faithful member for many years at BCF. She was vital to the Boy Scout troop that still meets at the church and all 5 of her sons were Eagle Scouts. She loved to sing and worship and even in her later years, when she wasn’t feeling well, she’d still come to church to testify of God’s goodness and the love just poured out of her. She was the kind of person the Lord talked about who always seemed to be searching for lost sheep and her genuine love and sincerity is something the world needed desperately and we’re proud to have called her “sister”.

Willie Outerbridge

Bridge would light up a room just by walking into it, and he could light it up when he played his saxophone as well.  A kind and gentle man who loved to have a good time with his friends and family and always shared his love for people and his love for God with joy. Before he settled in Florida, Bridge was a fixture of the R&B scene, known for his work as Aretha Franklin’s saxophonist, both in the studio and live. He played on Franklin’s song Respect and other hits. Bridge produced the solo album Bridges to Cross in 1977, that included Cornell Dupree, Anthony Jackson and Steve Gadd. He also worked with King Curtis, Quincy Jones, Sammy Davis Jr., Whitney Houston and Jimi Hendrix. No one can replace that big smile but we’re certainly blessed to have known him and shared some years of his journey and we’re glad that he and his wife, Cathie, made BCF “home”.

Jack Germain

Jack Germain was a political writer for the Sacramento Bee and also worked in the Jerry Brown, Sr. Governor’s office in California politics. He was also a great actor and producer who met his wife, Marilyn, in Massillon, Ohio, before moving to Brandon and joining our fellowship. Jack always had a few secrets behind those sparkling eyes and he loved a good joke and getting together with friends and family. Jack would greet the people at the door of BCF with a hearty handshake and a warm smile and that job hasn’t been filled since he left. We really do miss him.

Paul Simmons

Paul Simmons was an avid golfer who traded his Sunday outings into heading to the church with several of his grandsons, daughter and daughters-in-law and even a few great-grandchildren. He often spoke of his love for Pastor Richie’s sermons and his real-life approach to the gospel. Paul Simmons was in construction for many years and helped spark the idea for our church gardens. One of his palms has been transplanted to the wilderness garden and a camphor tree (which he loved) planted in his honor.  We continue to honor him through these living testaments to a man who found grace in Jesus later in life and embraced it fully. 

Ed White

Ed White was probably the friendliest man you’d ever want to meet.  He wasn’t always that way – a rough and tumble scrapper who found the Lord and became a loving guide and a faithful servant to God and his brothers and sisters in Christ. Many will remember Ed being the greeter at the front door of the church and his importance in our fellowship can’t be overstated. That’s why we named the building we gather in for our family meals and celebrations “The White House.”

Bill Simmons

“Sarge” as he was affectionately known here, was a man with a wry smile, a big vision and heart for organization and effectiveness in ministry. He helped this loosely-knit fellowship become more focused on mission and his gift for pitching in when needed was inspiring.  He ran a mid-century style soda shop in his later years and always chided the customers with his good-natured ribbings. A fine Christian gentleman who lived just 2 doors down from the church and who is still missed. Bill was Marilyn’s first husband.

Andrew Engdahl

One of the worst days we could have imagined at BCF was the Sunday morning that little 8-year-old Andrew Engdahl went home suddenly to be with the Lord. In his brief life, Andrew was a light to his peers and to adults alike. He was kind and loving, he had an easy smile and laugh and he knew the Lord even at this early age. His love for his family and the Lord was an inspiration and even these many years later, we still look forward to a sweet reunion with this special young man.