Brandon Christian Fellowship


Experiencing God through Worship and His Word 



BRANDON CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP believes in the grace of God as our only hope for eternal life. We believe in prayer and studying God’s Word, good works, thankfulness, singing, giving, kindness, forgiveness, loyalty, family – anything that reflects the grace that God has shown to each of us here at our church.


BCF is also a community. We’re proud of our garden setting and our grounds. We often enjoy each other’s company. We want everyone to get involved in ministry of some kind. Especially children. We hope you’ll join us at church, or at one of our special events or family meals. Most of all, we hope you’ll get to know Jesus and find eternal life.


Enjoy our online sermon broadcast LIVE every Sunday at approximately 11AM. Visit OUR YOUTUBE PAGE page to view past broadcasts.


Pastor Richie Shannon studies each week and opens up deep truths during the teaching, truths that will lead you to a closer walk with God. Beth Shannon leads the Sunday Worship with a sweetness of spirit that infuses the song service with gladness and encouragement.


People of All Ages

No matter your age or situation in life,  BCF is ready to welcome you into our family. We love providing a sense of community for families of all shapes and sizes. Even the youngest members of your family will want find out more about God’s Word.

Listen to Teachings

Pastor Richie is an expository teacher who really delves deeply into a subject and the sermons usually run into a series of teachings.  We’ve archived many of them here in audio. We also broadcast the services live on YouTube.

Stop by for a Visit

Whether you’re looking for a faith-based church to help you understand more about God’s teachings or a community-oriented worship center to meet the spiritual needs of a growing family, BCF is the perfect place to start. 


You can give securely online through our Paypal portal.  Donate to our General Funds, or choose a particular ministry for which you have a special interest, we support works of compassion all over the world.  

Family Dinners

Once every couple of months, we get together on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy each other’s company and good food, just after we study the Word of God.  Check the calendar to find out when and then invite a friend.  It’s a great way to get to know us.

Find Your Purpose

There are many gifts that you have to share with the world, and especially your Christian family.  We can help you find your perfect place.  We would like to get to know you better and learn what your own gifts are and then encourage you to use them.

The Bible at the Center

If you want to know God’s will and find your purpose in life God’s Word furnishes answers. That’s why BCF places it at the center of all we do.  We love the scriptures not as a book of rules, but as a lamp and a guide and a life-giving source of God’s plan.

Service Times


At BCF, we present the Bible as God’s written Word in hopes of teaching others how to live a Godly life. 
Visit our non-denominational church or listen to our selection of sermons or tune in live on our website each Sunday morning.
10:00 a.m. - Sunday Morning Worship

This is when we all come together to worship God and sing His praise and learn His truth.  Our style is not showy, rather a sincere outlet of our love and gratitude for Him.

12:00 p.m. - (Check Calendar) - Family Dinners

We try to make getting to know us a little easier by cooking together and enjoying each other’s company around the table.  We invite you to join us and to bring friends.