The great garden writer, Gertrude Jekyll, in her Gardening Credo wrote:

And a garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all, it teaches entire trust “Paul planteth and Apollos watereth but God giveth the increase.” The good gardener knows with absolute certainty that if he does his part, if he gives the labor, the love, and every aid that his knowledge of his craft, experience of the conditions of his place and exercise of his personal wit can work together to suggest, that so surely as he does this diligently and faithfully, so surely will God give the increase. Then with the honestly-earned success comes the consciousness of encouragement to renewed effort, and, as it were, an echo of the gracious words “well done good and faithful servant.”

BCF is blessed to have a wonderful plot of ground with no debt except the debt to care for it in praise and thankfulness to God.  With the labor of our partner Scout troop and the members of the church, we’ve been able to create areas of beauty in which to relax, sit in the shade, pray, share some time together, grow delicious and healthy food and even a functional fire pit for the few cold nights that we get here in the area.

Our goal is a central Prayer Garden built around our signature olive tree.  This olive tree was a donation from a gentleman in Temple Terrace about 2005 which we grew in a large pot at the front of the church for years.  In 2013, we began our plans for creating a large garden at the southwest corner of the property to grow food, create our Prayer Garden and to utilize the land with more cultivation and care.  First was preparation and for one year, many large piles of mulch sat on our new garden area while they worked their way into the soil.  In 2014, we flattened the area for cultivation and began with a small food garden.  In the autumn of 2014, we finally placed the olive tree, with a prayer of dedication by Richie, in its now and future home, which will be the center of the prayer garden.  We also created a new church logo design that featured the tree.  We hope to inspire every visitor to enjoy our garden, as it grows more beautiful and productive each season, having been built with the same purpose described above by Gertrude Jekyll.

The large piles of mulch are flattened


Our good friend, John,
donated time and equipment


The first crop only a few weeks old


Paul, Mark, Richie and Ron
planting the signature olive tree